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Associates of Cape Cod Europe GmbH

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Events Schedule

2019 Tradeshow/Conference Schedule

Date Tradeshow/Event Location
Feb. 4-7 MEDLAB 2019 Dubai, UAE
Feb. 19 Microbiology Day Italy
Feb. 26-28 ECA LER Workshop Bernstadt, Germany
March 14 A3P Italy  
March 27-29 MEDLAB Asia 2019 Singapore
March 28-29 Farmaforum Spain
April 4-5 Morocco A3P Congress 2019 Morocco
April 13-16 European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) Ambsterdam, Netherlands
May 21 A3P Spain Spain
May 22-24 SFMM French Society Medical Mycology Touraine, France
June 4-5 M5 - Aktuelle Trends bei Endotoxin - und Pyrogentests Karlsruhe, Germany
June 5-6 A3P Endotoxins & Pyrogens Lyon, France
June 18 A3P Italy "Rouging"  
Aug. 30-Sep. 2 Asia Pacific Congress Clinical Microbiology Infection Hong Kong
Sept. 5-7 53rd Scientific Conference of the German-speaking Mycological Society Mannheim, Germany
Sept. 12-14 27th Annual Meeting Working Group Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacy Pamhagen, Österreich
Sept. 18 Rouging France
Sept. 26- A3P Italy "Microbioogy" Italy
Sept. 28-Oct. 2 32nd Annual Congress - Europen Society of Intensive Medicine 2019 Berlin, Germany
TBD Infous 2019 Forum on Fungal Infectoin Santiago, Chili
Oct. 8-12 European Shock Society Crete, Greece
Oct. 11-14 TIMMS Nice, France
Oct. 15-17 A3P Annual Congress 2019 France
Nov. 12-13 PharmaLab 2019 - Kongress Dusseldorf, Germany
Nov. 14 A3P Forum Spain Barcelona, Spain
Nov. 26 Medical Devise France
TBD DGHM-Fachgruppe Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology Erlangen, Germany

Associates of Cape Cod Europe GmbH
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